Since  1988



Since 1988 CCi has offered expertise in manufacturing high end Video Surveillance combined with Robotics plus backed with 24/7 service.  All products including the firmware in the camera systems can be custom coded to get above average results out of the  hardware.    The NON EDITABLE ENCRYPTED  software can provide solid Video/Audio Evidence to be used in court if needed,  Remote video monitoring, Remote control,  Wireless networking abilities,  Microsoft SQL data base,  Provide response to image to a  triggers for multiple applications,  Laboratory  Research Equipment, or any other needed response to to meet customers goal.

CCi provides Forensic  Services to aid Law Enforcement in gathering and preserving evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.


With these unique abilities,CCi can re-create the usual or reinvent the unusual to provide a great Product / Service